Recipe: Sparkling Lychee Oolong

Fruity and refreshing, our Sparkling Lychee Oolong is the perfect drink to beat the heat with. This Four Season Oolong from Guei Tzu is smooth and floral, making it the perfect base to layer the lychee onto. Add in some lychee pops for a fun surprise and you’ve got the perfect drink.

Bonus tip: You can mix in some lychee fruit to create your own fruit tea.

Serves: 5


40g of Guei Tzu’s Four Season Oolong
1l of hot water (90°C)

Equipment needed:



1. Brew the for 3 minutes.
2. Remove the leaves and let the tea cool. Keep the tea chilled until you assemble the Sparkling Lychee Oolong

Assembling the Sparkling Lychee Oolong
With your tea pre-brewed, you can choose the make each cup of sparkling oolong individually or as a batch. Personally, we recommend crafting each cup of Sparkling Lychee Oolong individually, as it would be easier to make sure that there are enough lychee pops in the drink. Hence, the recipe below is for each cup. To make an entire batch at one go, simply multiply the recipe by the required number of cups.

30ml Nectar
1 Scoop Ice
160ml Soda Water
2 Scoops Lychee Bursters
200ml Pre-brewed Oolong

Plastic Cup

1. Add 2 scoops of Lychee Pops and 150ml of Soda Water into Plastic Cup
2. Add 30ml of Nectar, 200ml of Pre-brewed Oolong, and 1 scoop of ice into shaker and shake.
3. Add shaken tea to the Soda Water and Lychee Pops mixture.
4. Serve immediately.