Providing a scientific and trustworthy method of identifying and grading your tea



ProfilePrint can accurately recognise tea leaves of the same type, whilst being able to differentiate between different tea regions; quality; production methods; and even between different seasons. Such a methodology allows us to authenticate the tea leaves sold by retailers or wholesalers, preventing contamination; overpricing; and misrepresentation


Unlike existing food testing methods, ProfilePrint allows teapasar to authenticate teas quickly, accurately, and at a fraction of the cost. ProfilePrint does this by capturing the metabolomic fingerprint of each tea, based on its organic composition.

By conducting regular sampling checks on the teas listed on our marketplace, we are able to adopt our proprietary methodology to analyse the organic composition of the teas, which are then run through our in-house developed algorithm to determine its authenticity. As a result, our technology allows us to identify whenever the tea leaves are contaminated with excessive pesticides or when a merchant is selling fraudulent or sub-quality products.

Recent methods of tea authentication rely on the packaging labels which are prone to fraud. Our scientific approach measures the tea leaf itself to prove what it claims to be, even when the packaging is removed