Providing a scientific and trustworthy method of identifying and grading your tea


Firstly, ProfilePrint can accurately recognise the tea leaves of the same type, whilst being able to differentiate between different tea regions; quality; production methods; and even between different seasons. Such a methodology allows us to authenticate the tea leaves sold by retailers or wholesalers, preventing unfair pricing and misrepresentation. All single-origin teas sold via teapasar’s marketplace will first be authenticated against the origin, and re-tested periodically to verify its purported quality.


Our ProfilePrint methodology also identifies distinct taste profiles of each tea listed on the marketplace. At the same time, when customers create their personalised taste profile online, their unique preferences can then be matched to our database of teas, and the closest matches can be recommended. This allows customers to shop with confidence and discover other blends of tea they may enjoy.


ProfilePrint allows you to shop with greater assurance over the integrity of products, while allowing you to identify new blends suited to your taste preferences


Enhance your reputation by demonstrating the guarantee of quality to your consumers, while identifying new, engaged customers on the teapasar marketplace


ProfilePrint endorses the quality of your products, building consumer trust in your brand amongst a global market of tea lovers