Zheng He Peony King

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Based in the Wuyi Mountain range in Fujian, Zheng He teas are famed for their white teas together with Fuding and Jian Yang. This area, which during the time of the Song Dynasty from around 1121 to 1125 until 1297 provides tribute tea and was named Beiyuan Gong Cha. All of northern Fujian was called Beiyuan Gong Cha Qu, meaning the production area for tribute tea.

There are two distinct bushes used for white tea production, one from Zheng He county and one from Fuding County, formally named Zheng He Da Bai and Fuding Da Bai, respectively. The Zheng He tea bush can be very large, from three to 5 meters high. The buds are smaller than the Fuding Da Bai and the leaves are yellowish green. This bush produces buds later in the spring and can be processed as green tea, black tea, as well as white tea made from this bush. The Fuding Da Bai bush produces bigger, fatter, longer buds that are thick with hair which is the famous Bai Hao Yin Zhen.

This particular tea uses the original Zheng He Da Bai, a Dayezhong (Big Leaf Variant) and is harvested during Spring and naturally air dried in the tea estate unique drying corridor.

The drying lasts for 3-4 days to slow yet even drying to allow the flavours to develop. The tea is subsequently charcoal baked to reduce the moisture content.

Origin: China, Fujian, Zheng He

Harvest: 2019 Spring

Type of Tea: White 

Varietal: Zheng He Da Bai 郑和大白

Packing size: 30g

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