WiskTea Premium Tea Wuyi Oolong Shui Xian / Shui Shien 2019


28.00 SGD

50g premium loose leaves

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Category: Oolong Tea, WuYi Rock Oolong Variety
Origin: LianHuaFeng, WuYiShan, Fujian Province, China
Grade: Premium

How to Brew Chinese Style (GongFuCha):

Take about 5-8gr of dry tea leaves with hot water volume of about 200-300ml (depending on taste). Brew with hot mineral water around 95-100C for about 10 seconds for Rinsing the Tea.  Steep for 30 seconds for the First Brew and the subsequent brew, increase steeping time by 5 seconds each steep. Can be brewed up to 5-6 times with this method.


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