UNPLUG From Too Much Screen Time

Eighth Healer

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±6.4g x 10 teabags

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The last time you looked up from your screen? Too long ago. But even if you need to stay connected, give fluttering brainwaves, neck kinks and your eyes some support with this blend.


Shi Hu is believed to be a longevity herb that boosts the immune system.

American Ginseng is known for its anti-fatigue, antioxidant and anti-stress properties.

Wolfberry is rich in antioxidants. It promotes eye health, liver and kidney functions.

Sickle senna seed is noted for its therapeutic effects on eyesight.


Nobile Dendrobium, American Ginseng, Wolfberry, Sickle Senna Seed

Brewing Directions

Brew in 250ml of hot water for 15 mins. Steep multiple times until flavour is exhausted.


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