Tea Pyramid Gift Box: Aries

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9 Tea Pyramids

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The Zodiac Collection, ARIES gift box is a perfect way to treat yourself, your loved ones or associates to a bespoke selection of teas. This gift box comes with a Zodiac Gift Tag.

This ARIES gift box features a curation of tea blends which complement the astrological sign’s traits :
RUBY RED tisane
Each pyramid contains 1 single-serve loose leaf tea infuser. Suitable for a 300ml brew.


RUBY RED tisane
South African rooibos [Afrikaans for red bush; pronounced roy-boss] leaves are mixed with caramel pieces creating a delicious theine-free infusion. Rooibos tea is also known as red tea.

Brewing Description

HOT: Use 1 tea pyramid per 250ml.
ICED: Use 2 tea pyramids per 250ml & pour over ice when cool.
COLD BREW: Use 2 tea pyramids per 250ml & infuse in cold water while refrigerated for 4-8 hours.
Remove the tea infuser(s) after the recommended infusion duration and enjoy your tea.


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