Simha Infusion Gift Set


108.00 SGD

3 tins x (20 bags x 2.3 g)

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By: Asmara x Nilu Tea
(Singapore’s Best Premium Tea Brand Award Winner 2021)

Premium and ethically sourced herbs from Sri Lankan tradition (ranawara and bael vilva flower) and Singaporean culture (lemongrass, liquorice, tulsi basil, and ginger) were curated by Nilu Tea for the scientific development by Singaporean food scientists from Asmara in 9 months.

Each of the 10 herbs used in the blend was specifically curated and developed based on its health benefits (e.g. digestive, immunity, and antioxidant properties) by Asmara’s food scientist.

Following this collaboration, a confident % of Asmara-Nilu Tea’s profits will benefit Emerging Hope Lanka, a non-profit organisation founded by Nilushika Silva Jayaweeera that aims to empower and educate women.

Moreover, this Simha Infusion would symbolise the close ties that Singapore and Sri Lanka have cultivated for over 50 years. The coming together of two cultures and countries invites understanding and harmony that we wish to continue for generations to come.

Item includes:
1 x Tea Tin (with 20 tea bags)
1 x Premium Emerald Gift Bag
1 x Oriental Lucky Gold Knot Pendant

Ingredients: Rooibos (Antioxidant), Chamomile Flower (Mood), Lemongrass (Antioxidant), Mint Leaves (Digestion), Lavender (Mood), Liquorice (Digestion), Tulsi Basil (Immunity), Ranawara Flower (Detox), Bael Vilva Flower (Detox), and Ginger (Digestion).

Net: 20 bags x 2.3 g

Brewing: Add 1 tea bag to hot / boiling water for 5-8 mins. Teabag can be re-brewed or re-steeped 4-5 times.

Formulated In Singapore | Manufactured In Sri Lanka | Packed & Tinned In Singapore

Eco-Friendly | Non-GMO | 100% Natural | No Tea Flavourings | Vegan | No Added Sugar | No Stevia | Gluten-Free

– Developed By Certified Food Scientists
– Tested For Bacteria, Yeast, Mould & Heavy Metals


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