Sayama single origin tea Yutaka-midori - Organic Japanese black tea


15.50 SGD

Organic Japanese Black Tea “Yutaka-midori” 50g loose leaf in paper canister, from “Takano-en” tea farm.

“Yutaka-midori Organic Japanese Black Tea” was introduced on the blog of Singaporean novelist, Eustacia!

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Precious organic tea leaves are used to make a mild Japanese black tea.
This black tea is rich in natural sweetness.
If you usually drink black tea with sugar, you may not need sugar anymore.
This product is made by Takanoen, an organic tea grower, which is rare in Sayama.
Also, don’t miss the package illustrations designed by Japanese artist Yuki Kodaira!

No additives such as sugar, flavors, or seasonings are used.
The astringency and bitterness of Japanese tea comes from a component called catechin.
Catechins are a type of polyphenol with strong antioxidant and antibacterial properties.
The power of catechins for a healthy life!

Iruma City, Saitama

Brewing Directions:
Loose tea: 200 ml of hot water temperature at 95C, 3g of tea leaves, brew 180 sec.

About “Takano-en” and “Yutaka-midori”.
Mr. Chamio Takano of Takanoen has been cultivating tea for many years using organic methods which are rare in the Sayama area.
Mr. Takano’s tea is carefully dried using the traditional method known as “Sayama hiire”, so it is characterized by a solid firmness and a roasted aroma.
By steeping slowly in a teapot you can enjoy a tea that has both a strong taste and fragrance.


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