Sayama single origin tea Tsuyu-hikari - Japanese green tea


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10g pouch / 50g pouch / 100g pouch Loose leaf 2021 first flush from “Shimizu-en” tea farm

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“Tsuyuhikari” is a new variety developed by Shizuoka Tea Research Institute and registered in 2003. It is a hybrid of the fragrant “Shizu7132” and the umami-rich “Asatsuyu” variety.

It is a tea with less astringency and more sweetness and flavor. It has a refreshing aroma of young leaves and its water color is rich green. Shimizu-en’s “Tsuyuhikari” tea is particularly rich in aroma, for it is wilting for six to seven hours. When brewed in cold water, this tea tastes especially good; the umami and sweetness of the tea is enhanced, is beautiful and refreshing.

No additives such as sugar, flavors, or seasonings are used.
The astringency and bitterness of Japanese tea comes from a component called catechin.
Catechins are a type of polyphenol with strong antioxidant and antibacterial properties.
The power of catechins for a healthy life!

Iruma City, Saitama

Brewing Directions:
Loose tea: 150 ml of hot water temperature at 70-80C, 4g of tea leaves, brew 90 sec.

About “Shimizu-en”.
Shimizu-en is an old tea farm, starting in the 19th century. Shimizu-en sticks to the good old method of tea production, that is, picking tea leaves by hand. During the harvest season, they employ more than 20 people to pick leaves. After

*Please consult with us for orders of more than 500 grams.


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