Sayama single origin tea Gokoh - Japanese green tea


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10g pouch / 50g pouch / 100g pouch Loose leaf 2021 first flush from “Onishi-en” tea farm.

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This is a single-origin tea “Gokoh”. Originally developed for use in gyokuro and matcha, it has a sweet taste with little astringency or bitterness. Mr Nakajima, who produced this tea, is one of the leading tea producers in Sayama and was awarded the title of Eternal Tea Saint in 2020.

No additives such as sugar, flavors, or seasonings are used.
The astringency and bitterness of Japanese tea comes from a component called catechin.
Catechins are a type of polyphenol with strong antioxidant and antibacterial properties.
The power of catechins for a healthy life!

Iruma City, Saitama

Brewing Directions: 
Loose tea: 80 ml of hot water temperature at 60-70C, 3g of tea leaves, brew 90sec.

About “Onishi-en”.
Onishi-en is a leading Japanese tea farm that got the first prize seven times for the hand-rolled tea. The price of tea leaves produced at this farm is as high as 1.4 million yen per 1 kg.
Gokou is a fragrant single variety tea and it is usually cultivated for matcha or gyokuro, but Onishi-en processes the tea leaves as ordinary green tea. Its features are strong umami, soft aroma, and clear tea color.

*Please consult with us for orders of more than 500 grams.


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