Rooibos Wellness Tea - Rescue


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Carmién Rescue is a blend of buchu and rooibos, both native to South Africa. Halal. Indigenous communities have been using buchu for centuries to treat a wide range of ailments such as urinary tract infection, PMS, water retention, arthritis and prostate infections. A great tea to keep your kidneys flushed and healthy. TIP: Drink while travelling or during long distance flights. *If pregnant or breatfeeding, please consult your doctor before taking Carmién Rescue. Health Benefits may include – Anti-inflammatory, Anti-spasmodic relieving stomach cramps and colic, Caffeine free, Combats water retention, Flushes kidneys, Helps control diarrhea, High in antioxidants, Kilojoule-free, Relieves high blood pressure, Relieves nausea, Relieves uninary tract infections.


Buchu, Rooibos


Cape Town

Brewing Directions

HOT BREW TEA – Use 1 teabag for every 250ml boiling water using a cup, or teapot. Steep 5-10 min or to taste. Enjoy with or without milk, honey/sugar or slice of lemon. Best enjoyed at 60° C. HOT BREW ICE TEA – Use 1 teabag for every 250ml boiling water. Steep 10 min or more. For a stronger infusion steep overnight and/or add extra teabags. Remove teabags and chill. Serve with ice.


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