Rhymba Hills® Reefresh

Rhymba Hills

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15 teabags x 2.5g

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Natural Teas has been consumed for many decades by folks all over the world, particularly in Asia, both as spice and medicine.

Rhymba Hills® only supplies QUALITY, PURE and NATURAL products.

Rhymba Hills® boasts 100% natural tea which is ideal as a health drink or just a hot beverage

We source our tea from Northern part of Malaysia, which is the best place to grow plants in Malaysia (due to its fertile soil). This tea is perfect for those who want a relaxing yet stimulating drink!

Health benefit of Reefresh tea:

• To keep body warm

• Improves blood circulation

What is special about Rhymba Hills Tea:

• Each box contains 15 sachets x 2.5gram.

• Each sachet is individually wrapped in aluminum foil to contain freshness.

• NO Preservative

• 100% natural

• Caffeine Free

• NO Sugar

• NO Fillers or additives

Drinks Rhymba Hills® at any time of the day, as your favourite beverage!


Lemongrass, Bentong Ginger, Pandan

Brewing Directions

Put a sachet in a mug. Pour freshly boiled water 200ml into mug. Cover it for 5 minutes. Each sachet maybe refilled up to 3 times. May add honey if prefer sweetness


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