Rhymba Hills® Exquisite Blends

Rhymba Hills

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20 teabags

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Rhymba Hills® Exquisite Blends (20 sachets) Rhymba Hills® herbal infusion only offers the best that nature has.

Our plantations are located in the food basin of northern Peninsular Malaysia, Ceylon Cinnamon from Sri Lanka and Tumeric from India.

All of our product are naturally caffeine free, and we only use 100% natural ingredients, with no flavouring or additives.

Each box contains 20 sachets and 4 sachets of each variant:

• Reevitalise (Lemongrass + Bentong Ginger) x 4 sachets

• Ceylon Cinnamon Blend (Ceylon Cinnamon, Roselle, Kaffir Lime Leaves) x 4 sachets

• Lemongrass Blends (Lemongrass + Kaffir Lime Leaves + Pandan) x 4 sachets

• Antyoxy (Lemongrass + Kaffir Lime Leaves + Roselle + Ceylon Cinnamon + Turmeric) x 4 sachets

• Java Tea Blend (Misai Kucing + Ceylon Cinnamon) x 4 sachets

What is special about Rhymba Hills Tea;

• Each sachet is individually wrapped in aluminium foil to contain freshness.

• No Preservative

• 100% natural

• Caffeine Free

• NO Sugar, fillers or additives

Drinks Rhymba Hills® at any time of the day, as your favourite beverage!

This variety pack is also Perfect as a Gift!

Ingredients: Lemongrass, Bentong Ginger, Kaffir Lime Leaves, Roselle, Pandan, Tumeric, Misai Kucing, Ceylon Cinnamon.

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