Recover - Ginseng, Sun-baked Goji-Berries & Chrysanthemum Tea [Caffeine Free]


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Unbeknownst to many, it is not uncommon for commercial tea brands to add sweeteners, flavourings and preservatives, Infusion-de-vie values premium quality and believes in a healthy well-balanced lifestyle, hence creating only 100% natural blends with organic tea leaves and traditional Chinese herbs, free from any additives.

In Recover, fresh golden chrysanthemum flower buds, natural sun-baked goji berries, and premium ginseng roots come together for a superb energy boost [Caffeine-free].


Chrysanthemum buds, Sun-baked Goji-berries, Ginseng

Brewing directions: Steep in 100 degrees Celcius water for 3 mins for the first brew and 4 mins for subsequent brews. Good for at least 3 brews.


  • 50g Tin (10 sachets of 5g)
  • 100g Box (20 sachets of 5g) – Bulk Purchase, brown box packaging

Shipping Weight

  • 50g Tin: 225g
  • 100g Box: 150g


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