Organic Lavender Blossom, 30g, Glass Jar


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Organic Lavenda Blossom, 30g, loose flower buds

Product of Greece

Product of Organic Farming

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Made from the best aromatic/medicinal varieties of lavender Lavandula Angustifolia. 100% raw dried organic Lavender blossoms. 

Lavandia offers you 100% raw dried organic lavender blossoms (Lavandula angustifolia) for culinary use. Without preservatives or harmful chemicals.

Collected by hand and dried using traditional methods.

Benefits of Lavender Tea
~ calming (great for bedtime tea);
~ improves sleep;
~ reduce cholesterol level;
~ reduce stress & anxiety;
~ anti-oxidants properties that help to eliminate toxins;
~ anti-inflammatory properties to soothe inflamed muscles in the throat and chest, making it easier to breathe;
~ anti-bacterial properties that help to eliminate bacteria that can cause chest colds and congestion.
~ contain high essential oil and often use to freshen up a variety of personal items from clothes to hair.
~ caffeine-free

How to enjoy Organic Lavender Tea

~ steep small amount of organic lavender for 5 minutes in hot water;
~ add honey to sweeten the tea;
~ Longer infusion will make the tea stronger and more intense in flavour.
~ Lavender tea does not turn into purple colour after steeping, it has a light tea-hue colour and maximum steeping is 5 minutes to enjoy the best aroma.

About the producer : Lavandia

Lavandia is a family business that cultivates olive trees and aromatic plants organically, creating pure natural food and care products.

Based in Levadia and estates at the foot of Mount Parnassos.  Every stage of production, from the cultivation of trees and plants to the final packaging are carefully dealt with, to ensure the sustainability of the land and the superior quality of products.

The brand is to provide customers with pure products using traditional cultivation and production methods that respect nature and make the final product exceptional


Every step of the production from the field, harvesting, sorting, drying, distillation and packaging, every step is carefully done ensuring the best quality.

Lavandia cultivates and produces its products in accordance with Greek and European legislation for the cultivation and production of organic products, receiving certifications from approved domestic and international bodies.



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