Organic Flora Water, Lavender, 100ml


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Organic Flora Water, Lavender, 100ml

All Aetheleon΄s Floral Waters (Hydrosols) are certified organic and 100% purenaturalparaben and alcohol free.

Product of Greece

Product of organic farming

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Produced by organic steam distillation and bottled in Micron Violetglass to protect the properties of the flora water

Floral water (or Hydrosol) is the condensate water that remains after the steam distillation of an herb for essential oil production. During steam distillation vapour passes through the botanical material, “breaking” the cells that contain essential oil and volatile ingredients. The vapour is then cooled and condensed to floral water (hydrosol), which contains a small quantity of essential oil in addition to water-soluble (hydrophilic) parts of the botanical material.

It retains mild, yet potent medicinal and therapeutic properties and is ideal for situations that require gentle, natural care.

Floral Waters are an excellent natural base to create personal and home care products or can be used on their own as body sprays, facial toners, hair care products, linen sprays, air fresheners.

All Aetheleon΄s Floral Waters (Hydrosols) are certified organic and 100% purenaturalparaben and alcohol free.

Properties of flora water or Hydrosol: Gentle anti-bacterial, anti-oxidant, soothing and relaxing.

Lavender Organic Flora Water, 100ml

Produced by organic steam distillation of Lavandula angustifolia 

Use suggestions: Skin toner, skin cleanser, body mist, hair rinse, after sun spray, foot soak, linen spray, air freshener (home, car, sauna etc).

Tips : Ideal to refresh your mask during the day.

This product does not claim to treat or cure medical conditions.

Ways to use Aetheleon Organic Flora Water

Indoors & outdoors activities

> During physical activity

Refresh and hydrate your skin during joking, hiking, walking, yoga.

> At the beach or outdoor activities 

As sun and after sun mist. They cool, soothe, moisturize and nourish the skin exposed to the sun and sea salt.

Take advantage of their anti-inflammatory properties to deal with insect bites and scrapes.

For home

> Room spray

Renew the atmosphere of a room. Their antimicrobial action, contributes to the hygiene of indoor spaces.

> Linen spray

Use them on your sheet, on your pillow before bed helps to relax.

The packaging is made of a special material – filter (miron violet glass) that protects the contents from harmful sunlight and keeps the bioactive ingredients active.

About the Micron Violetglass

Miron Violetglass – Why the bottles we chose are unique

They are the only ones that act as a natural “biophotonic” filter and protect the content from the harmful effects of light. Almost like sunscreen protects our skin. But at the same time they allow the beneficial part of the spectrum of light to penetrate, enhancing and preserving its vitality!

Why does this happen with Miron Violetglass?

Because it is more than a luxurious coloured glass. It’s a unique patented, including a special mix of minerals, miraculous type of glass, backed by scientific research.

About the Producer, Aetheleon

Started by passionate Michalis, his team making up of brothers, nephews, few good friends where they created Aetheleon. Starting from growing the herbs in the field to working with Research Institutes and Universities to study the quality characteristics of essential oil production to produce high quality products with consistency, they aim to provide high quality products for everyone. They monitor their fields through special collaboration with researchers to understand water and soil conditions, understanding plant breeding to produce high quality herbs for essential oil and flora water production.  The people in Aetheleon has set their vision to spreading the use of quality Greek herbs and their essential oil. They have strong principles of believing our health and well-being depends on our diet and that our food needs to regain its vitality and nutritional values through natural agro-ecological practices that regenerate soil, balancing its microbial ecosystem. They are strong believer in organic farming, support biodiversity, sustainable ecosystem, continual support in scientific research for the benefit of ecosystem and constantly improving the quality of their herbs. 


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