Orchid Collection

Haflong Tea

68.99 SGD

Collection of 10 different handcrafted tea brought by artisan farmers from around the world.

 Free Local Delivery

Be transported into a world of exquisite taste where luxury is defined by the state of art.

Play with the notes as you enjoy the flavours that unfold in every sip.

  • A brochure
  • A Card for a personal note
  • Tesoro Del Te- 2 tea bags
  • Song of the Sea- 2 tea bags
  • Safran Des Indes- 2 tea bags
  • Spirito Di Vita- 2 tea balls
  • Tales of Assam – 4 tea bags
  • Oriental Bliss- 4 tea bags
  • Amour Épicé- 4 tea bags
  • Kakao Kreme – 4 tea bags
  • Verda Rozo- 4 tea bags
  • Angelo Tè- 4 tea bags


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