Liang Teh

Le Vyr

7.50 SGD

330ml | Unpasteurised

Best consumed within 2 months.

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Liang Teh, Chrysanthemum Tea. Just like mom used to make. We aimed to create a floral kombucha with an explosive bouquet of flavour. Through incorporating the chrysanthemum flower in various stages, we’ve created a deliciously nostalgic brew, perfumed ever so richly, without any bitterness commonly associated (B Vitamins, Amino Acids, Enzymes, and Probiotics included). Enjoy our floral brew with some local cuisine, after an intense workout, or just on a warm Singaporean afternoon. Le Vyr uses only the finest, organically and ethically sourced ingredients. Brewed and bottled in small batches, as all great things should be.

“Mom’s special chrysanthemum tea for when the days got really warm” –Liang Teh Kombucha


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