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The key ingredient used in KomBoosta is the national drink of Argentina – yerba mate. With less caffeine than tea and coffee, it contains 196 active compounds versus green tea’s 144. THE “Tea of the Gods” – Yerba Mate is a nutritious source of energy, increasing your mental precision and is an adaptogen.

We decided that one adaptogen wasn’t enough. And added ashwagandha* – or Indian Ginseng to further boost the product; ensuring that you will enjoy mental calmness to cruise through your day.

A dose of maca powder ensures that the Vitamin C from the yerba mate is translated into a rich iron source for you – making your short term boost a long term one.

Did we mention we add in chia seeds for Omega 3 goodness too?

Tasting notes: Chocolate, lemon, honey, hay, sweetness, mint, butter, woody, smoke, nutty,

When to drink it: Mornings. Before a run. Before that meeting that helps you to score your big ass bonus. Hangovers. And long distance drives (not kidding).

Pairing: Please. This is THE drink.



Filtered water, live cultures, honey, yerba mate,mint, chia seeds ashwagandha and maca powder.


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