Kabuse Sencha - Obubu Tea Farms

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Kabuse tea or kabusecha (かぶせ茶) is a class of Japanese tea leaf, literally means to cover or place on top as a hat.

This tea is one of the highest-grade Japanese green tea that’s shaded for two weeks prior to harvest in spring.

The liquor is jade green in colour, with a distinctive umami lingering flavour.

Kabuse Sencha is vegetal with subtal notes of spinach with a thick mouthfeel. It is a fine example of traditional high grade Japanese Green Tea.

 Tea Cultivar  Yabukita
 Origin  Wakuza
 Cultivation  Shaded
 Process  Steamed (Kill Green), Rolled, Dried
 Net Weight  50g

Packed in loose in small tea caddy


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