Jute Tea Pure

Jute Tea

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30g (20 teabags x 1.5g)

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A novel herbal infusion made from young leaves of the jute plant (Corchorus olitorius).

Be the first to experience the delightful taste of a plant which is just about to revolutionize the tea market around the world: the tart yet sweet flavour of a classic herbal infusion meets the exotic taste of a miraculous plant native to the Bengal Region.

Jute has long been known as a traditional medicinal plant among Bengalese natives. After several years of variety testing and mastering the process of drying these delicate leaves, it is now available for your consumption: the world`s first Jute Tea.

Become addicted to the unique taste of a caffeine-free tea innovation and enjoy drinking your daily cup of healthiness!

Jute leaves (lat. Corchorus olitorius)

Harvested in Bangladesh, crafted by hand in Germany.

Brewing Directions
Take one tea bag for a cup of tea. Use fresh boiled water and infuse the bag for at least 3 minutes. Gently squeeze the tea bag before removing it from the cup to release the flavor


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