[Gift] Organic Sage Herbs + Organic Sage Essential Oil


82.90 SGD

Limited Edition Organic Sage Collection

Organic Sage, 10g (Aroma Farms), loose leaves

Organic Sage Essential Oil, 5ml

Product of Greece

Product of organic farming

 Free Local Delivery
Benefits of Organic Sage Tea
~ anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties
~ promote skin-cell growth, promote good skin, anti-aging and decrease wrinkle formation;
~ clear bad breathe, promote oral health;
~ anti-bacterial and help to heal wound;
~ improves blood sugar control;
~ promote brain health, improves mood and reduce nauseas;
~ help in sore-throat;
~ help in digestion;
~ improve cholesterol and triglyceride levels which potentially decrease heart disease;
~ caffeine-free;
Properties of organic sage essential oil

Sage essential oil shows antimicrobial, antioxidant, anti-cholinesterase, improvement of cognitive performance and mood, reducing work-related stress, anti-mutagenic, anticancer, anti-inflammatory, choleretic activities.

100% pure, natural, undiluted. Produced with care in Greece by certified organic cultivation of salvia fruticosa (Greek Sage). Certified Organic distillation. Vegan Registered


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