En Shi Jade Dew 恩施玉露

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50g or 100g loose tea

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En Shi is a prefecture located in the Southwest of Hubei. It is home to lush terraced mountains and communities of Tujia and Miao ethnic minorities.

En Shi Jade Dew is, as its name suggests, made in the same style as Gyokuro. In fact, the techniques for producing Gyokuro — much like tea itself — originated in Tang Dynasty China. Over time, the two nations diverged in the way they process tea. China went down the path of pan-firing, while steam remained very much the fashion in Japanese tea even until today.

Hence, En Shi Jade Dew is actually a rare, highly traditional, way of producing artisanal tea. The green tea is harvested from high-altitude areas where the year-round average temperature is just 16.4°C and the humidity is a whopping 82%. The leaves are fine-picked (one bud one leaf) and gently steamed to produce a tea leaf that is vividly green and refreshing on the tongue.

The beauty of this tea is that it fulfills the standard of the 3 Greens in Chinese green teas, green dry leaves, green tea liquor, and green wet leaves.


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