BOOSTER Snacks Coffee (Caffine)


4.95 SGD

No Sugar Added, Caffeine-Rich Energy Snack

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Booster Snacks mark the culmination of deep chocolate technology with advanced food science.

Snacks boosted with nature’s wonder foods to deliver both good taste and great performance.

Our Coffee (or Caffeine) Boosted almonds are coated with milk chocolate that is naturally impregnated with strong coffee.

Rich with caffeine (120mg to be exact) , it is ideal for folks who drink coffee to stay alert!

High-functioning individuals and hardworking students can now munch away to better performance.

Get ready to battle through your shifts or mug through long nights! No spilling, no scalding and say goodbye to bathroom runs.

Each packet contains caffeine equivalent to a 1.5x shot of Espresso (plus a little bit more).

With Booster Snacks, you are snacking on more than just snacks!

*Note: this product is not recommended for children. Adults should limit to 3 packets or less a day.*


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