Assorted Mini Tins Set

The Tea Crafters

19.90 SGD

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The mini tins set will consist of 3 small tins, each with about 3-4 servings.  Our tea blends, specially curated by The Tea Crafters. We give you the option to select up to 3 different flavours from our range of artisanal blends.

The flavours are listed as follows;
– Jasmine Blossoms
– Creme De La Vert
– Jasmine Silver Needles
– JasMint Blossoms
– Honey Pear
– Osmanthus Oolong
– Periwinkle Butterfly
– Golden Chamomile
– Milky Oolong
– Rose Lychee
– Mandarin Puerh
– Tropical Berries
– Green Pearl
– Ginseng Oolong
– Kangra Oolong
– Royal Muscat
– Oriental Beauty
– Singlish Breakfast


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