Almond-Amaretto Tiramisu

Mia Tavola

32.00 SGD


– Small (17x12cm; two layers): $32
– Large (16x16cm; two layers): $50
– X Large (20x20cm; three layers): $90
– Plate Tiramisu (d:20 cm): $62

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Our lady’s finger is soaked in sweet, amaretto liqueur. The liqueur permeates the biscuits. In every bite, you can taste the right balance of the cream/mascarpone cheese and almond, there is really nothing better than this nutty awesome layer of goodness. On top of it, we’ve added toasted almonds and almond biscuits.

Our XL tiramisu comes in three layers, and it comes with a gift box. Our plate tiramisu comes in a beautiful hospitality grade-plate, and you get to keep it too! The picture of plate tiramisu in the gallery is for size reference only.

“1 Layer” consist of a layer of cream and a layer of biscuits


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