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Aequilibrium Tea

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Choose 3 teas from the following:

Heavenly Osmanthus – Oolong, osmanthus

Kiss from a Rose – Rose, lavender

Cool Harmony – Honeysuckle flowers, chrysanthemum

Ladies First – Mulberry, Goji Berry, Rose, Chrysanthemum

Relaxation – Goji Berry, Chrysanthemum, Rose & Stevia leaves

Soothing Sensation – Hawthorn slices, Mulberry leaves & Chrysanthemum

Sweet Dreams – Chamomile, lavender

Mind Calming – Dried Longan, Goji Berry, Red Dates & Chamomile

Four Treasures – Chrysanthemum, Oolong leaves, American Ginseng & Dried Longan

Tea-Tox – Hawthorn slices, Cassia Seeds, Chrysanthemum & Green Tea leaves


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