teapasar is a Singapore-founded multi-brand tea marketplace that allows consumers globally to, firstly – be assured of the authenticity of the purchased tea, and secondly, better understand the flavours before even tasting it.

The word “pasar” in Malay means “marketplace”, while in Latin means “to pass”. It is the culmination of this that represents why teapasar was developed – to provide a global-to-global marketplace where independent tea brands and plantations can more easily reach, or pass their tea to, the international market.

teapasar is supported by three tech solutions. Starting with ProfilePrint, it allows us to quickly and cheaply scan the organic composition of the tea leaves so as to create a unique metabolomic fingerprint for each product. This allows a degree of transparency that opens a world of possibilities for both tea companies and consumers. We then use ProfilePrint as the basis of our Taste Map matching. By generating the taste profile of each tea based on its organic composition, we are able to match consumers’ individual taste preferences with the profile of all the teas on our database. Finally, we tie it all together on our marketplace, teapasar, which features local and international tea brands, as well as exclusive and rare tea direct from the world’s best plantations.

Building on generations of tradition with cutting-edge tea technology, we make the subjective objective in pursuit of our vision to build the bridge between tea merchants and tea lovers all over the world.



Gateway to tea brands from all around the world


Discover premium single-estate teas, fresh from farm-to-cup


Discover premium single-estate teas, fresh from farm-to-cup


Matching your personalised taste preference to our tea database


We are always on the lookout for enthusiastic, creative and driven individuals to join our team. If you are interested in joining a fast-moving start-up, please write to [email protected]