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Share your tea moments with us! #teapasar

TEA-RAPY READ: Struggling to adjust back to your pre-circuit breaker social rhythm? We understand the struggle that socialising brings when we’ve spent the better part of the last few months exclusively with our mobile and notebook. If you’re still feeling the anxiety and would like some actionable tips, tap on the link in our bio to read our self-care guide to meaningful discourse. ...

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It’s World Chocolate Day - and there’s no better time than to indulgence in some cocoa goodness. To assuage the guilt, accompany your sweets with tea. Pairing the right chocolate and tea can heighten their respective aroma, intensity and flavours. Not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered. Tap the link in our bio to read our recommendations. ...

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Connoisseurs, take your tastebuds to new heights with Camellia Tea Bar's premium Wuyi Rock Oolong blends. Strictly crafted by tea masters through time-honored methods, their choice selection of loose leaf teas preserve the exquisite fragrance and qualities indigenous to Wuyi Mountains' microclimates and mineral-rich volcanic soil.

Tap the link in our bio to learn more about their provenance and brand story.

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Self-care with @teapasar: Wind down and recalibrate this weekend. During the course of the circuit breaker, the teapasar team learnt to take stock about life through “ikigai” (pronounced Ick-ee-guy) - a Japanese concept that translates to “a reason for being.”

Tap on the link in our bio to learn more about how you can apply this framework, and get started on mindful thoughts and actions to help boost your overall wellbeing.

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Thank the most important man 🧔🏻💪🏻in your life for the years of love, support and endless dad jokes he has given you with our thoughtfully curated tea bundle.

The star of this bundle is Hachimanjyu’s eco-friendly tea that was grown, harvested, and processed in Yakushima. From ages past, the brand has long valued the beauty and serenity of the everyday, so why not pass on this spirit of gratitude and soothe Dad of his worries with every sip of refreshing tea.

With a wallet-friendly price tag of $35, the bundle includes a stylish Parkes Key Fob from @revergoods , along with a pack of Hachimanjyu tea bags that will be sure to delight.

Tap to shop ☝🏻

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Enjoy an English afternoon at home with heritage British tea house Whittard of Chelsea and be whisked away to a luscious summer garden by their new range of piquant fruit teas 🍑🍊🍋at 10% off for a limited period!

Tap the link in our bio to shop now☝🏻

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These are not your average potatoes – they are infused with the woody and full-bodied flavour of black tea. And it’s a perfect entree dish to hone your inner Masterchef as we practice stay-home measures.

Tap the link in our bio to learn this easy recipe, and shop our curated selection of black teas to kick start your cooking routine.

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There is no personal superhero like our Mum. This Mother’s Day, remember to give thanks for all the impossible things she has done for you. And our teapasar team wishes all Mums good health! ...

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Working from home doesn't mean you don't deserve a happy hour at the end of a long enervating Zoom meeting. 🍹
Host your happy hour in the comfort of your bed with this refreshing take on the popular sweet tea vodka drink. A blend between a green apple smoothie and cocktail, this is a sweet and tart recipe for the one who knows how to live life.

Tap the link in our bio to learn this easy recipe.

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👵🏻💕Mother's Day is looming near! Our Mummy dearest deserves all the best things in life, and we would like to help one lucky follower to gift her the gift of good health with our teapasar Collection – a curated set of three direct-from-farm teas, each with their unique provenance and profile.

But first, we would like to hear you express your love for her. To participate in this giveaway:
🎁 Make sure you've followed us on Instagram and liked this post
🎁 Share with us in the comments your fondest memory with your Mother
🎁 Tag a fellow tea-steeper and spread the love
* Giveaway ends at 12nn (SGT), 2nd May 2020
* Giveaway is open to Singapore addresses only

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She's the first person who heard you cry and sang you a lullaby. The woman who constantly carries you in the pocket of her mind👵🏻💕. Show her your appreciation for her abiding care and treat her to an uplifting tea experience with our Gift of Sereni-tea.

Our gift box features our popular blends and products such as Antea Social's fruit and floral-infused oolong, and Kindred Teas' luxurious soap bar.

This set is worth $62, and comes in a teapasar small wooden box, together with a tea infuser and 2 Yixing-clay glazed porcelain teacups.

Click the link in our bio to PRE-ORDER NOW and receive during the first week of May, just in time for Mother's Day.

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This April, #stayhome and unwind with tea. At just $5 a month, enjoy a rotating curation of teas - delivered right to your mailbox.

Click the link in our bio to find out more.

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Stay home, stay calm, and brew yourself a cup of tea with a hand-crafted Pot-de-vie Glass Teapot Set, accompanied with a pair of beautiful glass-blown serving cups.

Good for two to four, its charming aesthetics makes it the perfect addition to your tea pantry.

Tap the bio in our link to shop.

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Had to shelf those holiday plans? Take your senses on a journey with this quintessentially Indian blend by Haflong Tea - Amour Epice. Spicy yet comforting, this blend is a fusion of the sweetness and richness of cloves, cardamom and ginger, balanced with the floral notes of bay leaves. Handcrafted with love by local Indian farmers in Upper Assam, best enjoyed with the company of a good book.
Tap the link in our bio to shop

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